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The Magical Maths StoryWhat's it all about?Working with Magical Maths

The Magical Maths Story

Magical Maths was founded by Colin Bradford.

Colin graduated from Sheffield Universtity with a First Class Honours Degree in Mathematics and quickly set up his own tuition business. He soon realised that young children didn't share his enthusiasm for maths and made it his mission to change that. 

And so, Magical Maths was born! We now work with LOADS of people across the UK to help run Magical Maths Programmes in primary schools and we'd love it if you joined us :)



What's it all about?

Working with Magical Maths

It is essential that all students gain meaningful work experience valued by employers in order to be adequately prepared for the competitive graduate job market. This is, therefore, an opportunity that students should not miss out on!

This initiative will be beneficial for all students, regardless of your post HE aspirations i.e. this is not just for students aiming to teach! Students involved will gain a variety of skills, including:

       Project management, independence, initiative…….

      Leadership; teamwork; interpersonal working ability……

     The ability to communicate with different populations; confidence to apply knowledge; and many more!

Such skills are valued by employers in the variety of different environments that students enter into, and these skills can effectively be marketed to potential employers after university. 



We pride ourselves on delivering the very best after school maths programmes in the UK. The only way we can be sure our reputation as the most fun after school club EVER is upheld is by providing the very best training to all tutors that don the purple t-shirt :) 

We have an online training programme which you will work through. We will provide you with all the necessary tools, information and creative ideas you need to be able to confidently lead groups of 12 children in Magical Maths activities. You'll be given advice and guidance on how to create and build lasting relationships with school and parents, how to lead by example and encourage positivity from your team-mates and how to ensure you're helping as many children as possible to love their maths.



How to apply

How to apply

You can apply using the form below. 

Before applying, please consider whether you meet the following criteria: 

• You must have a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) certificate. This will be self-funded, but we can arrange for you to get one.

• You must be willing to travel to schools around your local area.

• Access to a car is preferable but feel free to apply with a friend who drives if you don’t!

• We go into Primary Schools after school and run a 1-hour fun maths class, usually around 3:30 - 4:30 though some schools have different times. To allow for travel and set up time, you must be available from 2:30 pm onwards at least 2 days a week. 

• You must be able to handle a classroom full of children. 

• You must be impeccably reliable and punctual.

Some programmes require you to work in groups of 2 or 3 and you're more than welcome to apply with your friends if there are several of you that would like to work together. The programmes are fun already, but they're SUPER fun with friends!

Yes, I'd like to be a Mathemagician!

We absolutley LOVE to hear from you and would be reeeaaalllly happy if you'd take the time to follow us on social media. All our accounts are below, please please keep in touch; The Prof is always checking his phone for updates and is always ready for a chat (cup of tea and a biccy optional!).


Magical Maths Student Information Pack!

Welcome to the...

Magical Maths programmes run throughout the academic year. The programmes run every half term (there a 6 half terms in an academic year). Generally, each programme runs for 5 weeks, as this fits nicely into a half term. You will be required to work every half term of the academic year. Each week involves a different theme: 

·        Week 1: Maths Genius

·         Week 2: Maths Detective 

·         Week 3: Mathemagician 

·         Week 4: Mathletes 

·         Week 5: Puzzles & Games

Each week has a single, one-hour session and covers a variety of educational topics in a fun and exciting way. The programmes include dressed up characters that will visit the schools from week to week (see the pictures below). These include Professor Poopenshtinken the maths genius, Stately Holmes, the maths detective, The Mathemagician and the Olympic Mathletes (you will be required to dress up). Each week there are three different activities that the children will take part in. These activities are based on mega fun games, puzzles and tricks.

We email the parents/guardians letting them know details of the 3 activities the children have done each week so that they can continue the Magical Maths fun and learning at home. 



The Mathemagician

Stately Holmes

Stay in touch

We love a good old chinwag here at Magical Maths! 

If you've got any questions or you'd like any more information, just fill out the form and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Chat to us

We have 2 positions available within the programmes; Leader and Assistant Leader.

We start everyone as an Assistant Leader and assess whether you've got what it takes to progress to a Leader. 

As an Assistant Leader, you'll be required to lead groups of around 12 children in pre-prepared Magical Maths activities (no lesson planning!), be responsible for your Magical Maths kit bag (all equipment will be provided to you), keep good behaviour within your group (you'll be trained on how to do this), help with signing the children in and out and deliver exceptional customer service in line with Magical Maths brand standards.

As an Assistant Leader, you are paid £10 per session (£50 per 5-week programme) which is paid on completion of each programme.

As a Leader, you'll have all the responsibilities of an Assistant Leader as well as being responsible for structuring your clubs, informing your Assistant Leaders which activities they'll be leading, keeping great relationships with the schools you're working in and reporting details of the quality of the club to your Manager.

As a Leader, you on £15 per session (£75 per 5-week programme) which is paid on completion of each programme. For the right people, pay can increase up to £20. 

In both cases, placements depend on which schools we have available in each half term and how many children sign up to the programme. 

We book schools in based on your schedule, so it's VERY important you keep us updated about any timetable changes. You can work in one school a day for up to 5 days a week. If you're only available 2 afternoons a week, that's fine too! 

We're also have some Part Time positions available. If you're interested, email jenni@magicalmathsclub.com expressing your interest. 

Anyone can work with Magical Maths to gain experience in the workplace and build leadership and organisational skills. However, we do act as a placement provider for many Education Studies departments, allowing Education students to use Magical Maths Programmes to gain hands-on experience working with children whilst on their degrees.


Our first official link came from Dave Cudworth, Head of Education Studies at De Montfort Universtity in Leicester. The division works closely with Magical Maths to give students the chance to lead groups of children in maths based classes and to experience experiential learning first hand. We now offer placements to a number of Education Studies students at De Montfort University and help to build a portfolio of experience in different schools with different age groups.


Click here to learn more about Education Studies at DMU

You'll then be supported in your first session by an experienced member of the Magical Maths team who will show you how to effectively lead a club and offer hints and tips for behaviour management and coaxing out your inner fun teacher.